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Water Bore Drilling

Making Water Bore Drilling Look Simple with JAK Drilling and Geology

Operating from Southeast Queensland, our local, family-run business is sure to make your life a lot easier. Our diverse company specialises in water bore drilling and geological surveying and assessments. By providing consultation and implementation work, we can handle your project from start to finish, removing the need for multiple service providers. In addition to offering our services at an affordable rate, you can also rest easy knowing that our tight-knit teams are capable of dealing with anything you throw at them and the challenges that arise.


What Goes Into Drilling a Water Bore

The process of obtaining water from an underground source implicates a large number of factors. These factors range from the location of your property, the depth at which water can be found, and the water source's chemical composition. Using proven methods to locate and access these water sources enables our customers to become independent from the water grid. We assist water bore drilling on the Sunshine Coast by:


· Providing test drilling. The location of your property and ease of access impacts the type of equipment we can use on the site. Before we can start accessing underground water sources, test drilling is necessary to gauge whether we can access the source effectively, and most importantly, whether the source is utilisable.

· De-watering bores. If you plan to construct a building on your property, you might have to remove underground water to start with foundation work. Water is known for eroding and shifting large amounts of soil; we can avoid this by eliminating the cause.

· Supporting your agricultural projects. Using groundwater for your irrigation needs, you can reduce the capital you might require using conventional water supplies. Because groundwater is found deep in the earth, it is often rich with minerals that you would need to add to alternative water sources artificially.

The Reason Why We Provide Domestic Water Bores to the Sunshine Coast

Due to Australia relying heavily on underground water sources for decades, we have been perfecting how we can benefit from these sources. With global warming's effect becoming more apparent, average rainfall figures have steadily decreased across the globe each year. This scarcity forces us to be more frugal with our readily available water sources but creates the opportunity to use alternative means. By having us take care of your domestic water borehole, we enable you to:


· Become more self-sufficient. When you can access water from your own source, you might be able to distance yourself from the water grid and promote your water security. It is incredibly beneficial as you will not have to rely on traditional supplies.

· Decrease your impact on the natural environment. People tend to forget that we share our country with an abundance of flora and fauna, which is just as dependent on water as we are. Our company seeks to reduce your impact on the ecosystem and maintain the delicate balance already in jeopardy.

· Save valuable capital. If you choose to opt for water bore drilling in Queensland, for example, you gain the opportunity to save a lot of money by making use of your own free water source. Considering that most of our water is found underground, it would only make sense to have us keep your water bore drilling costs in Qld at a minimum.


Services We Provide in Addition to a Domestic Water Bore

As with any piece of machinery, there will always be a need for maintenance and repair, which extends to the systems you use to access and collect water. Although not everyone's cup of tea, we are willing and able to keep your bores healthy and running for as long as there is water. Because we provide end-to-end services, we can help you deal with:


· Bore remediation. Because of our affinity with underground water sources, we have been helping our customers save their older water collection systems. We can remediate your plants instead of rebuilding them by improving certain aspects of your setup with more modern additions and changes.

· Bore decommissioning. When we undertake a decommissioning project, there might be several reasons as to why. Some of these reasons include water sources drying up, old plants being unable to sufficiently provide water and derelict plants posing a danger to nearby inhabitants. When we take care of your project, we do it properly.

· Pump testing. In addition to replacing and improving your current systems, we also assist our customers with pump testing. By testing the strength and capacity of your pump, we can make adjustments where necessary and hopefully save your pump from destruction.

Related Services We Provide to Water Bore Drilling in Brisbane

Because our technicians are adept at planning and implementing our own projects, they can assist other projects that might require some advice and guidance. Let our staff help you in more ways than one by:


· Having our technicians look at and evaluate your sites, you can get reassurance from people who know what they are doing. With years of experience guiding our processes, we apply our collective knowledge to tackle tough jobs.

· Consulting on your projects. Our company excels at bore design, as we can conceptualise and create systems that operate effectively and in the most efficient way possible. Not all projects look the same, but luckily, we have the resources to navigate custom projects with ease.

· Offering you affordable services. Our mission has and always will be to help people wherever we go. Our competitive pricing allows us to maintain strong bonds with return customers, as we are simply unbeatable.



Why Trust Us With Your Water Bore Drilling in Australia

When undertaking projects, we often hear the question: "Does bore water run out?"— with the short answer being yes. As with all resources, only a finite amount of water can be found in one place, impacting how we use this scarce resource. When you employ us to assess your property for subterranean water sources, we are always honest and open about whether it is plausible and possible. We do this so that our customers know whether they can implement a bore system, and secondly, assess whether they should. Even though we get most of our water from underground, it does not necessarily mean that the source in question is safe to use, easily accessible, or large enough to support your homestead. Underground water sources are susceptible to the operations that occur above them, meaning that if there is a history of exposing soil above the water source to chemicals and substances, there might be a good chance that these same materials can reach the water below.


The next time you type 'water bore drilling near me' into your browser, consider having us take care of your water bore drilling on the Sunshine Coast. With a passion for helping our clients, we would love it if you contacted us to assess your property thoroughly and determine your bore system needs. With a small, committed team that dedicates itself to customer support and assistance, we are here to help.

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