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Bore Construction


The Importance of Bore Construction

A water bore is a narrow shaft drilled either vertically or horizontally into the ground for geotechnical investigations or environmental site assessments for mineral exploration. Reasons for bore construction often include the extraction of liquids and gases from the earth. Borehole drilling is also common as a part of establishing underground water access.


JAK Drilling has a combined 40 years of experience in drilling. We provide our clients with consultation and technical practices related to drilling for bore construction. We are a committed team that provides a customised experience to our clients. We bring water bore drilling services to rural and agricultural areas within a 100-kilometre radius of Veteran, QLD.


Many potential customers want to know, how much does it cost to drill a water bore? The costs associated with a water bore vary depending on your particular needs, the depth of bore construction, and the geology of an area. The deeper you need to drill, the greater the cost. Let’s explore a few additional frequently asked questions.

The Benefits of Groundwater Bores

What are some benefits of borehole installation on a property?


• Bore water is an affordable source of water for irrigation. Water tanks may not meet your water requirements during times of low rainfall. With the increasing costs of the main water supply, a borehole can help you stabilise your water supply and price. Most of the water supply in Australia comes through boreholes.

• Bore water supply saves you money over the long term. You can irrigate your property with groundwater that is always available and makes your property drought-proof since you do not rely on rainwater for your water supply.

• Bore water is a viable solution for domestic, agricultural, and commercial uses. Domestically, use bore water to fill your pool and keep your garden green and watered. In agriculture, a farmer can feed and nurture his stock while also irrigating crops. Bore water has multiple applications and uses—in all cases, it will provide a constant water source with potential cost-saving benefits.


Important Information About Water Bore Construction

Can you drink bore water in QLD? What do you need to know before installing a bore on a property?


• Bore water is untreated underground water that is filled with minerals and may not be suitable for drinking. Bore water must be tested and treated before you can use it for drinking, food preparation, filling pools, or irrigating edible plants.

• Generally, untreated bore water is considered usable for irrigation stock watering, flushing toilets, and washing cars or clothes. However, bear in mind that bore water may become contaminated by human activities and other natural processes. Accredited laboratory testing is required to sample the quality of the water, which may require further treatment depending on the intended use.

• Some problems that you can encounter with bore water stem from faulty bore construction, lack of proper maintenance of the bore, and gradual changes that go unnoticed. Bacteria thrive in open-well bores due to increased exposure to oxygen and can form a biofilm that captures chemicals, minerals, sand, and silts. However, you can address these problems with chemical treatments and processes.

About JAK Drilling

We are a family owned and operated business based out of South East Queensland. We are passionate about what we do as we work to elevate the standard of the drilling profession in Australia. We have extensive experience in both drilling and geology.


Our chief drilling specialist, Jono Branson, is a qualified and registered trainer who has more than twenty-five years of experience. His work ethic, technical skills, and reputation are highly regarded in the industry, and he is a mentor to many in the drilling business in Australia. Kath Kingma is a geologist with a background in mineral and groundwater exploration. Her skills mean that JAK Drilling can deliver an all-encompassing technical service while maintaining a firsthand understanding of our clients' needs.


Our water bore services include test drilling, stock and domestic, irrigation, environmental, water bore design, site appraisal, de-watering bores, water bore remediation, bore decommissioning, and pump testing.


Contact us today with all your queries and concerns. Our team of professionals is waiting to attend to your needs.

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