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Water Well Drilling

Choose Experience When You Need Water Well Drilling

Water well-drilling is an essential activity for improving the value of particularly long plots and making them a viable place to run a business, live, keep livestock, and do so much more. Tapping into a reliable groundwater supply provides a simple way to access this necessity far away from the central municipal systems and off the beaten path. However, one cannot simply dig anywhere and hope to find water — there is both art and science behind this process. If you've recently wondered, "where can I find a well-drilling contractor near me to help with a project?" it is important to choose with care — and to prioritise experience.


At JAK Drilling, we bring decades of hands-on knowledge to the table as we help our clients pursue adequate water boring results with the capacities necessary to support their operations. Together, we can make quick work of your project and leave behind a well-considered and professionally placed water bore. Let's explore some of the key things to understand.


The Types of Water Well Drilling Methods To Know

With many different types of soil and ground conditions found throughout our service regions, the same approach is not always suitable for every job site. With that in mind, it can be helpful to understand the different types of well drilling that you may need based on the specific circumstances on the property. A few of those types include:


  • Air rotary drilling uses high-pressure air to maintain borehole integrity while the cutting apparatus drills through the toughest material. Most commonly, this method works best for rockier ground formations, such as those with limestone, shale, or clay soils.

  • Cable tool drilling is also called percussion drilling. This classic methodology uses the percussion of a heavy drill bit to break up material and strengthen the sides of the borehole, and this technique works best on loose soils and formations.

  • Auger drilling is only suitable for malleable soils such as sand, clay, and other similar materials due to the low action and high torque requirements necessary to drive the drill deeper into the ground.

How Does Water Well Drilling Work?

What is the actual process when you want to tap into a source of water below the ground? Don't worry — you don't need to seek a guide offering the "how-to" on water well drilling. You can rely on our experience for that instead. Even so, let's take a quick look at a quick example of the procedures we use:


  • A thorough site inspection and report is an essential first step. This process identifies the ground conditions, the most suitable areas for drilling, and the most probable locations for consistent aquifer access.

  • You and your chosen team work out the timeline and final plans for the type of well you need while any other necessary steps take place.

  • The drilling operations commence and carry on through completion, at which point the final installation of the pumping hardware and other tools on the well site can take place.


What Sets JAK Drilling Apart Water Well Drilling Contractors

When you're thinking, "it's time to look for a water well drilling company near me," why should you make JAK Drilling your first choice? Consider what we bring to the table for our clients, and it is easy to see how we stand out and achieve excellence.


  • We offer more than 40 years of experience in both geological exploration and well drilling, and those decades of understanding represent a valuable asset for our clients. We've seen and handled many unique situations, and we look forward to addressing your challenges.

  • We emphasise personal and attentive service above all else. As a family-owned business, our word and our results are our reputation. We aim to ensure all our clients have the best possible experience and outcome from using our service.

  • Our small and tightly-knit team works together quickly and efficiently to produce the results you've ordered without cascading delays.

Water Well Drilling Services We Provide

Understanding that our clients have diverse needs, we've created a service that aims to supply you with a wide range of water services based on your specific needs. What are some of the projects we can carry out on your behalf?


  • Test drilling. Not sure what exactly lies under the ground beneath your feet? Undertake explorations with our help to better assess and understand local geological conditions and suitably for future works such as well sites.

  • Stock, domestic, and irrigation wells. Whether you need to water a herd of cattle or a large field of thriving produce, we can assist you in installing pumps with flow rates high enough to support your specific needs.

  • Design, drilling, and testing. Allow our team to provide you with a complete end-to-end service, including well design, as this is our most comprehensive service offering.

What To Expect From Us As Your Water Drilling Company

Providing you with attentive and personalised service from start to finish is critically important to our team. We understand the importance of our work for our clients, and we aim to achieve excellent outcomes every time. Here's what you can expect from us on the job site:


  • Thorough appraisals, transparent quotes, and no hidden surprises. We emphasise clarity in our estimates, and we do not change your project to pad the bottom line. Instead, your satisfaction matters most.

  • Fast and efficient work that never puts safety second. We adhere closely to all safety guidelines and best practices while following a clear plan of action that leads to better outcomes for our clients sooner.

  • Quality results in the form of reliable wells. After our work, you will have a fully functioning water source ready for use.


Key Questions We Can Answer As your Well Drilling Contractors

Finally, let's look at some of the topics of conversation you can bring to our team if and when you choose to contact us for a deeper exploration of water well-drilling cost options and more. Some good conversation starters include:


  • What type of drilling does my property require? How much water could I rely on after drilling ends? We can discuss how we will help you find these answers.

  • What type of flow rates can we achieve? What kind of pump will I need to invest in? Let's investigate how to meet the specific water needs you face.

  • Can you assist with remediation and maintenance as a provider of water well drilling near me? We're happy to have a conversation with prospective clients about our array of support services to keep your wells in good operation over time.

What You Stand To Gain By Choosing JAK Drilling

From supporting commercial business operations to supplying the water necessary for a domestic outfit, JAK Drilling delivers outcomes that conform to the highest quality standards. With a clear focus on assessing client needs and developing solutions that align with your requirements and timetable, we aim to make every experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Please speak with our team today to explore your options in greater depth.

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